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This book is a guide for users and administrators of CiviCRM.  It covers everything that normal users and administrators of CiviCRM need to know to work with CiviCRM on a day to day basis. Our aim is to cover all functionality that is available via CiviCRM's user interface.

Although we do not cover system administrator or developer topics, CiviCRM developers and system administrators will also find this book useful as a guide to everything you can do with an 'out of the box' CiviCRM.

Some aspects of CiviCRM (such as installation, or custom development) are technical and outside the scope of this book. Although they are not covered here, we do point to other relevant sources of technical document which should be useful for people (like your service provider, or technical staff) who understand them.

This book is freely available to read online and download in multiple formats. It is collaboratively written by the CiviCRM community (see the History of this book chapter for more details). You can help write this book and help with other documentation efforts. See for more information.

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